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Sad and Lost - Mum and Dad being Evicted

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Hi Everyone

I am new here and I am posting this message, in tears, not knowing what to do, or even if there is anything I can do.

My parents lost their own home in the 80’s recession and have been privately renting, now, for 35 years!  My dear Mum, of 70, is still in full time employment, Dad, is now retired. The house my Mum and Dad currently rent was supposedly long term.  However, they now, through no fault of their own, have until the 4 November to leave.

A Section 21 has been issued and the date I just mentioned is the last day. 

What is happening at the moment, is just too sad and frightening.  Property is scarce, property is too expensive and they want/need to stay in the area they are in, as they have lived there most of their adult life, and is half an hour’s drive for Mum to get to work.

Most relatives will sing the praises of their parents, however, mine are exceptional.  They are both kind, decent, have old fashioned values and morals and have treated every property they have ever lived in as though it were their own, clean tidy, so very well looked after.

They now do not have time to downsize, have lost money on holding deposits, and the whole situation  is making them ill.  It really is breaking my heart.

Mum does not want the situation to go to Court, understandably, as it will tarnish her referencing and she and Dad will then be faced with not being able to rent anything, anywhere.  The Landlord is moving family members in at the beginning of November, and Dad is crying is eyes out as they have informed the Agent removals are booked.  I have been advised that the removals can just turn up but they can just go away again, however, Mum and Dad may be responsible for paying the cost as they have not been able to vacate the property by the date on the Section 21!  Dad is “broken”, stating they will turf all Mum and Dad’s possessions out on to the street.

I am in regular touch with the Letting Agent, and they are understanding.  However, even with the Landlord agreeing Mum and Dad have been wonderful tenants, and lovely people, he would not grant them an extra month.  The Letting Agent has explained everything is against Mum and Dad.  There are hardly any suitable properties listed where they want and need to live, and of what is available, the price is too high.  The time of year is against them too.  So upsetting, as rent has never been late, properties well maintained and looked after and yet this is happening to them, again, but in a much more stressful way than ever before.

I am grateful to anyone that might be able to lend a friendly ear or provide any help at all, so that I can stay strong to get Mum and Dad through this.  I don’t know what to do and I have no magic fairy wand 🙁 

Many thanks.

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Hi Sarah

This is a horrible and heartbreaking situation, I really feel for you.

The landlord is within his rights to take the property back – you already know that. However, to be clear, once the section 21 motice expires then the landlord must go to court for a possession order- after that they will need to get court appointed bailiffs if they want to remove your parents belongings. No one can evict your parents other than an organisation appointed by the courts or it will be an illegal eviction. So, there is time after the section 21 notice expires as it can take a week or so to get a possession order but, yes, your parents could end up being liable for incurred costs.

Have you tried speaking to Shelter? They specialise in helping people facing homelessness. Your local authority might be able to help with housing, either on a temporary basis or permanent – they might also be able to apply for emergency housing. Your parents could also split a property with a housemate – not ideal obviously but it might at least help them find somewhere to deal with the short term issue.

I hope that helps and I hope you and your parents find a long term solution, this is such a tough time to be a renter.


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