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My Landlord said my bathroom suite needed replacing and that he would do it when i went away for a weeks holiday.

My landlord agreed to start the job on the first day of my holiday 25th July 2015, 7 days later when i returned i only had a bath fitted, later that day the landlord fitted the sink and the toilet but the flooring was down to the cement and all bare plaster on the walls and no access to the shower.

On Thursday 6th my landlord appeared again for 6 hours and tiled the shower and over the sink but removed my sink.

I now have no shower or sink just a bath and toilet but the bathroom is in an awful state and my landlord willnot answer the telephone.  What do i do ?


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Hi Sarah

Do you have an email address for the landlord? There should definitely be a postal address on your tenancy agreement and if there were agents involved at any point then they might be able to give you one. It’s probably important to put something in writing – dated and signed – to record what has happened. Make sure you state what happened when and the situation that you’ve been left with. If you feel that the bathroom is not usable, that there are health and safety issues or that the property has been altered from the way in which it was offered to you for rent (and the state it was in when you agreed to a specific rent) then mention that too. 

In the letter you could ask for a permanent rental discount to reflect the lack of shower and sink and a temporary discount for the inconvenience of the mess. You could also give the landlord a time limit within which to fix any issues and let them know that after that you’ll be forced to take action.

It might be worth speaking to someone at a law centre or Citizens Advice. You might be able to get out of the tenancy if the landlord has breached it (if that’s what you want) or compel them to at least put a sink back in and clean up the mess. I’m not a lawyer so not 100% on it so speak to someone at one of those places and get some advice.


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