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Second class citizen - a rant!

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When we moved into our flat in September 2013 we pointed out a patch of damp on one wall and was assured that the landlord had it in hand – as the months went on more patches appeared in all the rooms along with mould edging its way around the curtain rail and walls……yet still we were led to believe that the landlord was getting quotes for what needed doing. Even had a surveyor visit and then someone who took measurements like she was taking details for an estate agent………letting agent still assured us that “these things take time” and he would let us know as soon as he had any news. Fast forward to last Friday when we received a letter from an auction house informing us that the entire building was going into next month’s sale!!! We’d long suspected that the landlord had no intention of doing any of the work despite the reassurances from the letting agent. I emailed a complaint to the letting agent as I felt that hearing the news from the auction house was just plain wrong yet he still continued to lie, saying he was still waiting for confirmation from the landlord. He had never once mentioned the possibility of the building being sold even though his company is actually named as joint auctioneer. Part of the sales pitch is that 3 of the 4 flats have tenants so we are part of the auction but even though we have been assured that any sale will not effect our tenancy I don’t trust a word the man says.

Why is that those of us who have to or chose to rent are treated as second class citizens?

Needless to say we are looking around for somewhere else and won’t be using this letting agent ever again!

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What despicable behaviour from a letting agent!

Are you still in the fixed term of your contract? If so, you cannot be evicted until the end of the fixed term, and then you should be given formal Notice of Eviction with a minimum of 2 months to find a new place to live.

Please warn others against signing up with this letting agent by reviewing them on our site. Click on the ‘Find a letting agent’ link above. If the letting agent in question is not listed, then please add their details by following the ‘Add an agent’ link.

All the best and thanks for sharing your story with the TTV community.


The above represents information derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as definitive or accurate interpretation of the law. It is offered free of charge and may contain errors or omissions.


Thanks for replying Justine 🙂

We have been told that the sale won’t affect any of the tenancies in the building (in fact the income generated from rent is mentioned in the auction catalogue) however, we are actively looking to get out of there asap as there is no guarantee that the next landlord will do anything but put the rent up. We haven’t been happy in the flat since day one to be honest – were told previous tenants left because it was “too quiet” and that we would “never know we were living in the town centre” – both lies as the noise levels from the late bars has gone from bad to worse and the council and police aren’t interested in doing anything to stop it. I guess the first clue was on day one when we switched the oven on and it blew all the electrics (death trap was the phrase the electrician used when he came round) and the shower head fell off the wall the minute it was touched. Although someone was round within half an hour to sort both we should have asked why checks hadn’t been done before we moved in. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but once we have “escaped” I will be more than happy to warn others.


Since my last post everything has changed. My partner died of a heart attack 3 weeks ago and I have to say that the letting agent couldn’t have been kinder or more understanding. He totally understood why I couldn’t face living in the flat any more and has waived all the rules about notice and deposit. Perhaps he wasn’t the problem all along – suspect he was just doing what the landlord paid him to do

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