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section 13 rent increase

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I have been issued a section 13 to increase my rent. I am happy with this as I have been paying the same amount for 2 and a half years. However what I would like to know is if the letting agent can charge me for this. They have sent me an invoice for £50 +vat for the privilege of increasing my rent. I find the agent generally poor so I’m not convinced that they are doing the right thing by trying to charge me. Any advice greatly received. 


Hi Emma

What does the payment cover? If it’s documentation such as a new tenancy then it’s still a lot but it could be justified. If it’s an invoice for hot air then you could challenge it. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think you’d be in breach of your tenancy agreement if you didn’t pay it (unless it’s mentioned in the tenancy or you previously signed something with the agents that obliged you to pay it). You can also make a complaint about it.


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