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Having been served with a section 21 i went to court to contest ever receiving it,  and was branded a liar by the judge.I later checked the proof of delivery tracking number and found it had been returned “dead letter”to the landlord,prior to him starting the possession procedure .I then appealed,went to court and was still branded a liar and a ruling was made against me!

What we have is a situation where a landlord can submit a possession order knowing he hasn.t served a section 21,and a judge making a ruling on a document that.surely ,shouldn’t have been admissable.I did receive a section 21,but only the one the landlord had submitted via the court.

Is this legal and can i be served by a clerk stuffing an envelope with an inadmissable document?

Legal Aid solicitor has proved to be absolutely useless.Why this wasn’t this quashed prior to the appeal stage is beyond me.Anyone got any advice before the bailiffs come next week?

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There are a lot of dodgy Judges in this country. My husband and I have been to court several times on many different  matters. We were homeless in 2000 with 2 young children, we went to court to force our council to house us, as we met ALL the criteria. In court our solicitor came down from a meeting in chambers with the other solicitor, and told us he could no longer act for us! NO explanation, he just left! So we lost. I live in the South, Bournemouth now, and several rulings both here, the Isle of Wight, and Portsmouth, were all with unexplained law breaking cases. My understanding is that it is illegal to make anyone homeless! Have you contacted SHELTER?


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