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Section 21 notice.

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Recently I have asked for repairs on our rental, the landlord replied saying she wanted to minimise expediture so wouldn’t pay for the repair. 

Then within a week we have received a section 21 eviction notice. Our contract ends in November & this is the date that the landlord wants us to leave. 

Now they have served the notice, can I legally move out before the end of our agreement or do I have to stay to the contract end date?

thanks in advance. 

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If you move out before that date then, the landlord can, ask you for the rent for the period until the tenancy ends.

You could of course try to negotiate to see if he/she would release you from the contract early

Depending on the nature of the repair the landlords may also owe you some compensation if there was a loss of amenity.

That migh work as a good bargening chip, although I would advise against taking this thing legal.

Although of little help to you now, had you have gone to the council, and, had they served notice on your landlords they would not be able to serve section a 21 notice.






It is true what the agent says. Be careful about paying rent when you have left, as Landlords will say that they could not find another tenant. You do not say what the repairs were? If they were somehow affecting your health, or putting you in danger, then I would still contact Environmental Health at your local council, as you are still having to live there until Nov.

Landlords just don’t like putting things right, believe me, I have a constant battle with ours. It is typical for a Landlord to evict someone over a comlpaint about repairs, that way they never have to pay out to actually do them. Oh I know the agents will argue this point, but at the end of the day, tenants (That’s you and me) are just a commodity!

Best of luck to you



Hi Sorry to hear about your experience, please do rate your rental property and landlord on so tenant coming in next is aware of this. is official partner of The Tenants Voice for landlord and property reviews. 



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