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Section 21 Notice and counter notice

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Hi All

TIA for any advice on this topic.

Due to the death of the lady who owned our rented property, the landlord has issued a section 21 albeit by email which coincides with the end of our AST on the 31st July.

We have found a new place and have signed up to move in on the 30/6 and sent a one months notice to our current agent.

They have replied stating we have no right to counter serve the notice although they believe our landlord will release us. (we are on excellent terms with him).

Our new agency have advised ona recent chage to the law saying that id a section 21 has been served then then if the remaining amount of the tenancy is one month or less the landlord cannot chase us for the reamining rent, hece the serving of one month notice by us is in fact valid.

Not really sure where we stand, our landlord is on holiday for another week so we cant clarify with him directly.

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 Hi mark I was served a section 21 notice on the 11 January 2017 I’ve heard that it should be 2 months  we are now in June and I’m still waiting for an answer why is it taken the council so long to decide what is going on with my case apparently they haven’t even finished the files about my Case yet. A friend of mine got served a section 21 and he is now  homeless because of this I won’t to keep my flat but I don’t understand why the council are taking this long is there any reason for this.

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