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Section 21 Notice Query

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Hi my Lettings agent has given me a Section 21 notice two months before my tenancy ends, giving me 2 months notice. This was with no reason at all. And a huge surprise. 

I have now just noticed the flat advertised again online at a higher rental price, by the same letting agents. Is this legal? I was not even given the chance to pay the higher rent price. 


Unfortunately as I found out recently there’s literally nothing you can do accept stay put and fight the matter in court when they issue you a court hearing for not evicting.

A section 21 notice is literally just information as I understand it, you should evict but not doing so means theres a lengthy court process to follow.


But I should warn you …

In the rental market the landlord is king, if he wants you out then that’s where it’ll ultimately end.

That said if this is just the letting agent wanting to be rid of you, you could be in with a chance.

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