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Section 21 notice served, can we still serve one months notice?

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we we were recently served a section 21 notice to leave our rental property due to us falling out with the landlord ( they kept coming into our home unannounced and without our permission) the agent sent the landlord a letter to say this is unacceptable and they have now served us noticed in their temper. Since then, we have found a property we like, are we able to still serve one months notice to leave the property in line wit our tenancy agreement in line with our rent due date? 


Hi Bethany

I’m not a lawyer but I would have thought you could still serve notice yes. Are you sure you only have to give one month? Most tenancies require two from both landlord and tenant. However, I would take a look at your tenancy and make sure there are no limitations on exactly when you can serve your notice – usually, the tenant can only serve notice via a break clause or at the end of the tenancy agreement.


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