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section 21 or section 8

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I went into pay my new rent and sign AST the agent agreed on £950 pm rent on the phone when i went in he took the money and gave me a recipt and said the landlord will not sign a new agreement soon after they gave us section 21 notice so they want us to leave end of september basically i had paid upto end of july now its august 4 they keep harrassing for the rent now i feel like not paying them as after 4 years of being a good tennent always paying ontime now they want more rent every year orginally i paid £600 now £950 but she wants £1200 do i have any rights she has already issued me with section 21 notice can she also apply for section 8 same time i am in debt already as i had to pay £950 

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Landlords as you should know, can do what they like. They will never have any loyalty to you. You are just a commodity.

If you do not pay your rent , you WILL be served with a section 21. You know this.

When you are trying to find another rental, this will go against you! Sorry just read through again, you have already been served. Oh to hell with it! MAKE THEM WAIT! What about your deposit???

You had better contact SHELTER at least you will have someone on your side. 


The landlord has my depoist of £750 can the landlord agent apply for a section 8 of rent arrears they have already given me the section 21 notice first basically is it one or the other

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