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Hi, I rent my flat from a private landlord in Scotland, my question is this-

My landlord recently told me that she is selling the flat that I rent from her and to expect a for sale sign in the front garden soon.

My understanding was that now the flat is up for sale “does the landlord have to issue me with a NOTICE TO QUIT AND A SECTION 33 DOCUMENT??”

I am also on a waiting list for a council house.


Not necessarily: 

If you’re still in your fixed term, the landlord may sell, but you’re allowed to live in the property as a tenant per your current contract. The new owner becomes your landlord with the same responsibilities and rights as your old one. 

Once the fixed term is over, they may choose to keep you as a tenant or begin the end of tenancy procedure via Notice to quit / Section 33 document

If you’re in a periodic tenancy, your landlord may begin the end of tenancy / eviction procedure via the above notices while they begin the sale process. 

Your landlord may want to consider selling the property to a buyer who is interested in being a landlord. Properties with sitting tenants are perfect, as the return on investment comes immediately, there are no letting or marketing costs and reduced costs for redecoration and upgrades. 

So why not negotiate with them about it. As a tenant living in the property, you can help or obstruct access for viewings.

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