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Securing a rented property

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just looking for some advise regarding securing a rented property. 

Basically myself and my partner have just been to view a property which we loved straight away. We said to the estate agent lady who showed us round we want it how do we secure it first? She advised us that we need to complete an innicial application form and get that to their office ASAP to secure the property where a deposit would be taken from us. 

We rushed through to the office as when we left the property someone else was pulling up to view straight after us. As we got to the office we we’re asked if we had just phoned to pay a securing deposit for the property. This obviously wasn’t us as we had just been advised by the member of their team that we had to go to the office to secure it! Obviously we are very upset at this point and argue we have been given wrong advise. I have been told there is nothing that can be done and we can’t now hand in the application form. I said I would have phoned from the property if I had been given the correct advise … Can anyone please shed any light on this and advise if I make a formal complaint would it be worth it ? Should they be advising the deposit payer they made a mistake and gave us wrong advise ?? Any help or advise would be appreciated. 

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If someone else has telephoned and paid money, one has no course of redress to complain as you have not incurred a financial loss.

It is the same as saying…. I wanted to go and grab a pack of doritos at a newsagent and someone telephoned ahead of me and paid some money to secure them….

She should have given the option to telephone however if one of her colleagues was prviously showing someone the same property a day before you and accepted with THEM, they have secured the property ahead of you. Informal or formal complaints will be a waste of time as the rented property was not yours to have exclusively over anybody else in the market and a landlord/letting agent have the right to refuse you a property if they wish to. 

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