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seeking notice of possesion ?

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me and my brother are renting from tenant network . they charged us £450 finders fee plus vat . £850 deposit and one months rent of £750 . they said to sign for 6 months to make sue we was happy . we asked that it would be long term after we were happy and they said as long as you like ? . we have been in property for 2 months and have just been given a notie to seek possesion after the 6 months ? . we have asked where will we go and was spoken to with no care for our position . when asked about deposit were told wont get back until were gone . so we said we wont be able to pay to move they said not there problem and sorry for saying it was long term . we said sorry isnt going to help us and they said thats all you will get .

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Hi George

Unfortunately letting agents don’t have a duty of care towards you so they aren’t obliged to help you with your situation. They are within their rights to give you notice to leave at the end of the six month fixed term.

With your deposit, this should have been protected with a deposit protection scheme and you should have been given the details of the scheme after you moved in – you can call the scheme and find out exactly how long it is likely to take to get your deposit back. This might also be in your tenancy agreement. If you want to get the deposit back quickly then the best way to do that is make sure the property is in great condition when you leave it. Do the check out inventory on the last day of the tenancy and then ask the agent to process the deposit as soon as they can – appeal to their better nature.

Most of us have been in the same position as you with the deposit – in the past I have had to borrow from a friend or relative to cover the week or so before the deposit is returned. Sometimes, however, I’ve had the deposit returned on the same day.

If you want to stay somewhere longer term then I would look for a 12 month contract next time. That’s also an incredibly high finders fee – it may be that you’ve got a rather unscrupulous agent who wants to charge you another £450 to find you another property, rather than letting you stay on. In which case it might be worth using a different letting agent – have a look at our vetted agents and see if there’s one near you.

Good luck


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