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Selling the house/deposit

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We rent our cottage from a private landlord. The rent is paid on time and we have no arrears, we also take great care of the house. We have just been told the house is now up for sale, despite assurances of a long term rental, and having been here for only 16 months. To keep us here until it is sold, the landlord reduced the rent… Her idea not ours. The deposit we paid has not been put into a scheme either. We haven’t a clue if we have any rights and are looking for advice please. 

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Hi Jan

Your deposit must – by law – be protected by the landlord. If it hasn’t been protected (as long as you’re a tenant not a lodger) then you can sue the landlord for 1-3 times the amount of the deposit as compensation. Your landlord also cannot use the section 21 notice procedure to remove you from the property.

So, if you’ve been served a section 21 then it’s not valid if the deposit hasn’t been protected and the landlord would have to use the more difficult process of a section 8 notice to get rid of you. There’s more info on all this here.


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