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separate wall distruction

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Hi, I’d like to have more information about this situation: me and my flatmate have a room, which has been divided in two single rooms from the agency who rented us. Today they came to take off the wall because the Council is coming tomorrow. They told us that the wall wasn’t right and they need to put another one more good. Now our question is this: is possible they take off the wall because the room couldn’t be divided in two? If the Council knows that the room was two single rooms are they having a penalty? What can we do in this situation?
Please, can you let us know any useful information about this?
Many thanks

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It’s very possible that this wall is illegal, in the sense that building regulations don’t allow such a remodeling to be done in this way. It seems like the agency is trying to hide it from the council in fear of a fat bill coming their way. 

However, nobody but a building inspector can’t say for sure. 

I’m not sure what would come out if you throw a spanner in the works. If you have additional problems with the property / agency, this might be a good way to deal with them, or at least get back to them. 

However, doing this would likely inflict the agency’s “terrible wrath” on you and you need to decide whether or not you want to piss them off. 

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