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Shared houses - one contract or several?

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Hi, I live in a shared house, with one tenancy agreement for the property, rather than individual contracts. (An assured shorthold tenancy, rather than a house of multiple occupancy, which I think has something to do with whether the bedroom doors have locks or not.)

I’m moving out, but my two housemates are staying. They’ve been here since Feb 2011, I moved in in Sept 2011. To avoid fees, I’ve waited until the end of our fixed tenancy agreement. Someone is moving in to replace me.

Our letting agent are charging renewal fees (a flat rate of £138 for the property), but the remaining housemates would like to stay on with a statutory periodof tenancy. This is complicated by the new person moving in.

It seems to me, it should either be: new person = new contract and therefore no renewal fees, or old contract is renewed, so a periodic tenancy is possible.

Can anyone advise? I love this site, but it could do with more info for housesharers.

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There are many ways of going about this and the route will depend on what the agent/landlord is most comfortable with. As the tenancy is coming to the end of the fixed term, i would advise my landlords to issue renew with a new fixed term contract and reference the incoming tenant only. i would request the outgoing tenant arrange to receive her deposit from the incoming tenant, an addendum place on the original inventory saying the incoming tenant accepts the report. We would alter the names with the TDS. i am a central London agent and the renewal fee we charge is £80 plus VAT. i hope this helps— Julian Lewis–Williams Lewis & Co Ltd


It doesn’t have to be a fixed term, the agents cd just add the new person to a rolling periodic contract, but this way they get to charge twice right; a fee for renewal of another fixed term, and a fee for changing names I imagine. But you cannot be forced to sign for a fixed term. Just insist that you are changing names on the existing contract and that is all. They might get nasty tho. Are they members of TPOS? You cd always report them if they do. ARLA are rubbish, frankly.

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