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shared path

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my daughter has a neighbour who is constantly complaining to my daughters landlord,access problems(both have dogs so as neither landlord had provided gates,barriers had to be put up to keep dogs and children safe)my daughter now has had a gate provided,which seemed to please said neighbour as she said it would make taking the bins out easier-her barriers are still daughters landlord also put a five foot fence across the bottom of her garden-she hadnt asked for this and frankly now it like living in a box,and the gate is to one side,not opposite the yard,she has an elderly dog who has trouble walking so she keeps the gate wedged open,as the neighbour also moans constantly to the landlord about dog mess on the paths-completely untrue,people have been out to check,and never found anything wrong-the dog has never “gone” on the paths, the neighbour is moaning that she keeps the garden gate open,and that the dog “goes “on the path-completly untrue. but of course the lady on the phone doesnt know this,and suggests my daughter take her dog out and shut him in the garden_-this would also mean she will have to keep her back door shut,she says she has a responsibility to keep the access path clear-it IS clear,the neighbour has been using it the past year,and now there is a gate to the entry,there is no problem with her access at all,she only uses the access once a week to take the bin out anyway.sorry for the long post,what i really would like to know is,does she Have to keep the garden gate shut?neighbour is not scared of dog,shes stroked him in the past.thanks in advance. pam

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There are no laws for these things. It’s really a matter to be solved between the neighbours, like grown up adults. It shouldn’t even go to the landlord. This is a basic issue that must be solved between the two of you. 

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