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Sharing the boiler with lanlord living underneath flat

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Hi there can anyone please tell me is this against a tenants right. I live in a seperate flat upstairs in a house the landlord and wife live downstairs they have boiler in there flat to which i do not have access to, they control water and heating with timer to which pleases them. Numerous occasions iv’e asked him can i have my own boiler he replied no as too much work and cost. Where do i stand on this matter as this is effecting my health.



What does it say in your tenancy agreement? I’m not a lawyer but as far as I know there is no requirement for you to have an independent boiler. The landlord must provide a source of hot water and must maintain it properly but there’s no requirement to provide heating.

There are some free boiler grants around that you could use to convince your landlord – such as this one. You could also speak to someone at Citizens Advice to see whether there’s any advice they can provide – without seeing your tenancy or knowing a bit more about your situation it’s difficult to offer anything more.


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