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Should I replace shower door?

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About a year ago or more, it was a very windy night and I had left the downstairs shower  door ajar to air the room. I left the house and on my retu I discovered the glass in the shower door was shattered all over the floor and the only way it could have happened is when I left the house, the wind blew through and consequently the door hit the radiator which had an airer on it, therefore causing the glass to break. I informed the landlord via a third party and he apparently said he didn’t see why he should replace the glass in the door. I have looked for the door online to replace and the nearest one to it I can find is a bit expensive for me to buy. I would appreciate any advice please.


Kind regards



Hi Jean

Unfortunately, unless something is maintenance or wear and tear it’s usually the responsibility of the tenant to fix any damages. However, perhaps you could ask the landlord to meet you half way on the cost so that you can afford the right kind of door?  They might agree.  There’s more information on tenants and damage here.



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