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We have just moved into our new house for rent and found out that, while the pressure of hot water on tap is fine, when we use the shower it is very slow. We have a hot water tank (30 gallons) and the estate agent says that they cannot put a pump as the tank is too small. Can we force to the landlord to provide us with a bigger tank in order to get the pump and have a proper shower or resolve the issue somehow? Which are our rights in this case? Thanks


Hi Erika,

Sadly you cannot force a Landlord to install a pump- you can request one. You can also ask that they install a ‘low pressure’ shower head which will aid this (if they refuse you might just want to buy one youtself as they cost around £20-30).

When viewing property you should always test water pressure as this is important. However, I am not sure I agree that a pump cannot be installed. I would call a plumber, posing as a property owner, and ask if they could/would fit one and what the cost would be. You can then relay this to the agent/Landlord and see what they say.

However, as long as the shower works, the Landlord is not required to undertake any further works.

Hope that helps.

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