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Showing of flat to potential tenants

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my friend has given notice on her flat, it is before the end of her contract so she needs some one to move in by the end of dec and take her 2 months on to their contract which seems simple enough. if this doesnt happen she will not only have to pay them £600 for them ‘advertising’ the property but also £500 a month for the months it is unoccupied. the latter is sort of understandable. the issue she is having is that she feels the letting agent are purposfully taking their time in finding a tenant so she has to pay. she was told some one was taking it and it was only when she emailed the agency asking how far along the process was that she was told no they werent taking it any more. another person has dropped out that she found because they wanted to charge a ridiculous amount for fees. she has just had an email arranging another viewing where she has told them they could go this evening, to which she replied yes that is fine as i am out. they then said well how are you showing them the flat if you are not there. she replied asking is the agent not doing it to which they rudely replied no they only work 9-5pm and its at 7pm. she then got another email saying they has misread her email and that to clarify they had expected her to show the propety to possible new tenants at weekends and out of normal working times. this was not made clear at all and has meant that someone has been waiting on her door step and leaving so another possible person ticked off the list. they then called her father to arrange with him if he will be in tomorrow at 10am (when they should be able to do it themselves) with out even consulting her! is it just me or is this not how this is done? before i bought my place last year i had rented for 10 years and never was i expected to show people round the place i was leaving. i just wanted to see other peoples opinions on this please as we just feel they are doing it to get the extra money out of her.

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