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Signed tenancy for HMO but cant move in (ever)

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I went to go view a property, the landlord said do you have a bon ? I stated yes I do.

The landlord went with me to the Housing office to arrange to transfer my claim from old tenancy to his tenancy.

He fillled out tenancy agreement and gave it to the housing benefit along with a direct payment to him letter.  While chatting I was getting bond out which was only supposed to be 100 he then said £275 he said if you cant get £275 you cant move in, this is after he shut my claim down for my own property and handed keys and sorted this new claim out.

He stated the he has had trouble before from a person who used to live in the same area has me therefore the bond is £275, The housing are now processing a new claim to him.

He gave a copy of the tenancy to the housing office but would not let me have a copy till I got the £275 so yesterday (28/04/16) I thought I was basically in housing trouble i spent £50 to stay at someones house and the other £50 for food. 

But now ive had chance to sleep I wonder if its ok for landlords to act in this manner, and what rights would I have if I sought legal advice.


Hi Andrew,

Before a Tenancy Agreement has been signed a Landlord can ask for as little or as much deposit as they wish- whether you agree to pay it is up to you.

It is unclear from your post whether you have signed, or even seen, the tenancy agreement that you state the landlord filled out at the HO. Can you clarify this?

Will the Housing Office not help with the bond?

Answer these and I can advise you accurately

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