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Single glazed on high street, noise and mould

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Good Afternoon,

Myself and my girlfriend moved in to a lovely flat about a month ago, the only thing is that the noise coming in through the high street is far to loud (we cant hear the TV) and there is black mould on the window itself.

We spoke to the landlord about getting it double glazed but because the window is in an arch shape he refused to do anything about it.

We informed him of the black mould and he sent someone round who painted over the mould on the inside (the outside is still very bad)

One of the panes of the window is loose and a lot of cold air is coming in through the window, we are very happy with this place and want to stay but the window is making life hell.

I would like to ask what laws are in place that will force the landlord to take action, he painted over the black mould?

I would be very gratefull if someone with knowlege could reply


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Hi Adam

As far as I know there is little legal protection unless the mould becomes a danger to your health. I’m not a lawyer so if you want to speak to one you could try a law centre or Citizens Advice. Your landlord has legal obligations to keep the property in a state of good repair – both in legislation and it should also state this in your tenancy agreement. However, the issue is actually getting them to do anything about it. You could contact the local environmental health department of the council and get them to take a look at the mould – that should provide reassurance as to whether or not it’s dangerous and they could compel the landlord to take action. As for the noise, when you renew the tenancy you could add the installation of double glazing as a condition to you staying (but bear in mind that the lanlord may not accept it).

One thing to note is that as of 1 October this year, revenge evictions have become illegal – this means that if you complain about something like this the landlord cannot then serve you notice on you as a result.


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