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some much needed advice regarding my agents and landlord

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In a little over six months we have had a whole list of works needing doing on our rental.

Before we moved in they were aware of these and they were not fixed until after we moved in, in some cases it has taken 6 months to fix:

A portion of the wall behind some furniture was unpainted (so they offered to repaint the whole room in a colour that suited us-very kind of them)

Large patch of mould in the master bedroom (landlord said they din’t really know why it was there and were just unsure how to fix it, builder came and removed a blocked gutter down pipe and it was repainted and no more mould has grown as yet)

Plaster falling down over the window in the hallway (builder came out and said it had happened previously and was nothing to do with the blind that they said i couldn’t open unless i was cleaning the windows- they have since removed the blind, even though it is not the problem. This has taken 6 months of falling plaster and could draughts to fix)

Boiler that kept turning itself off and over heating (this had happened to them previously but had not been picked up on the gas safety check, this took over 4 months to get fixed)

Broken dishwasher (Long story shorter we were not told until we moved in that the dishwasher and fridge freezer would not be fixed or replaced should it break. Its not on the contract just the inventory. When i looked at the welcome letter it said that the dishwasher can be temperamental but if you press the two buttons together it usually starts again. Yes you guessed it, this worked for a while then it started to not like high temps so we used the eco setting then it started to just heat up when it felt like it, water or not)

Since we moved in these things have also gone wrong:

Toilet flush on one of two toilets had broken and needed replacing (this took 2 weeks to fix and although we have another toilet downstairs it a bit hairy down there at night for our children, we were glad when it was fixed. The builder said it can break quite easily through wear and tear)

Shower in the bathroom started to fail temp wise (the landlord admitted to only putting cheap showers in here that he replaces every couple of years and it was replaced very quickly)

Over head lights in the Lounge broken (these took over 7 weeks to fix. We were told that although they look nice they are not very good quality (some sort of programable light unit) and have been replaced with a plain on off switch)

Oven blew the trip and then didn’t work (the engineer came in 3 days whoop but then couldn’t fix it without the go ahead as he had to report that it wasn’t broken due to me. He said it was a piece that they only guarantee for 6 months as it can break quite easily through no fault of anyone.

Leak to one radiator leg in the lounge (took 5 minutes to fix when the plumber fixed the heating, he said it can happen very easily and to keep an eye on them)

Dishwasher door broke (This is a long story see above but basically we think the screw came out internally and got stuck in the door, making it difficult to open, which we had to do as the dishwasher was half full. After we tried to retrieve the pots the door started to hang half off and so we removed the door so that it didn’t fall and crack the tiles or break)

So yes, i’ll agree, lots happening and as far as i can see, no blame can be apportioned. They are all just wear and tear and the landlord should make the fix and bear the cost apart from the dishwasher but to be fair that was my own school girl error for not checking.

So my problem? We recently had our 6 month inspection (we had a 3 month one) the agents rang me and said we were due. i replied and said that we hadn’t had a letter and maybe they would like to come and look when all of the work was complete so they could see it, to which i received an email telling me i would have an inspection on the 23rd Dec at 3.30 and the landlord would attend quoting sections in my lease that said they could do this.

I had at no point said they could not come for an inspection just said they should wait to see the work (when the landlord came out after the boiler had been down he said he hadn’t even heard it it had been fixed, even though i had told the agency in person and via email that it was intact fixed and working and thanking them).

When they turned up they were very stand offish and quite frankly rude. They spoke to me like i was stupid and it transpires that they are upset about how much has gone wrong and how much it is costing them because they can’t afford it.

I’m obviously not very happy about the things that have gone wrong but on each occasion i have checked that it was not my fault and each time i was reassured it was not. The agency have not relayed any on the landlords concerns to me, which might of prepared me for their attitude. I’m not looking forward to the next inspection.

I also want to raise a complaint again the agent as they said to me on the phone (when i said it wasn’t fair for us to wait 7 weeks for overhead lights in our lounge) that we have wall lights and some properties don’t even have overhead lights in their lounge. There is no relevance to this statement. I have rented a property with overhead lights in the lounge, i pay a fair whack in rent, i want overhead lights please. This makes me worry what they are saying to the landlord!

Our biggest problem is that they are the biggest rental agent in our area and we have little chance to rent from another. Its so costly to move again. Not sure what to do about it all.

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Hi Marie, you have obviously kept a record of all the things that have gone wrong so well done for that!

Although it seems to take them an awfully long time on occasion to repair things, the repairs do eventually get done. However, you are paying rent for a certain standard of accommodation and if things go wrong that are the landlord’s responsibility to fix, the cost of such work is not your concern; and should this be mentioned again you should say so. The arrangement the landlord has with his managing agents is also not your concern. You pay your rent for the accommodation and take care of your responsibilities as a tenant in reporting problems. That means you are keeping your end of the bargain as far as the tenancy agreement is concerned.

A letting agent or landlord is not allowed to enter the rental property without your permission unless there is an emergency. They must also give you a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of such a visit. If you have a valid reason why it is inconvenient for them to visit on a certain date you can ask them to reschedule a time that is suitable. You can also state that if they do not have permission to enter your home it is against the law for them to do so because it interrupts your quiet enjoyment of the property. If there are any clauses in your tenancy agreement related to this, that state otherwise could you post them.

The letting agents do not have a right to be rude or disrespectful to you so you should point out that you are aware of your rights as a tenant, and they are in receipt of your rent every month because they provide a service.

In terms of the overhead lights – are they specifically mentioned on the inventory? If they are not, you may find it hard to push the point over this if there is adequate lighting in the room. Is it going to be costly to fix them? You could suggest that you get them fixed and deduct the money from the rent. However, make sure you get the agreement in writing.

You might also want to have a word with the landlord about the letting agents and see if he can help. If you pay your rent on time and in full your landlord will be reluctant to lose you as a tenant.


Hi Tina, thank you for your comments.

It was the landlords that were rude to us in our home, as they insisted on attending the second inspection. They spoke to me like i was stupid and they admitted they couldn’t afford to keep fixing the problems. They even said that if there hadn’t been so many things go wrong they would of paid for the kitchen to be adapted so when their appliances went wrong we could replace with our own. My point is that the things that have gone wrong were not our fault. The agents attended the inspection but never intervened when they were doing this.

The lounge lights are included in the inventory, which is why i want them to work. I expect them to work, as as far as i am concerned we paid for lights in the lounge as part of our rent. Just as we paid for the blind in the hallway thats listed on the inventory and they have taken away because they think we are the cause of the plaster falling down, even though it was falling before we took on the rental and the builder confirmed it had fallen previously and the blind wasn’t fixed to that part of the wall.

I’m not really looking forward to telling them about any further problems. I’m now worried about what the agents are telling the landlord when they report problems, if they are telling me nonsense regarding other houses not having lights in the lounge.


Does anyone know if there is any legal requirement for an agency to attend a viewing of a rental property if they are going to take on the management of that property please?


Now we have been given our two month notice to leave the property with no reason. More expense and cost. I’m going to be reading these pages with a fine tooth comb to make sure i don’t miss anything if we manage to find anywhere. incidentally, does anyone know what happens if we can’t find anywhere? Do we just end up in the street?

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