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Someone please help

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I have been having a battle with Barnet homes since June 2013 … And to this day I am still waiting for repairs to be done and even after calling almost everyday and complaining trying to contact a solicitor I am informed today that it’s another 6 weeks before some company can even contact my neighbour before anything is sorted so it can start … Now I didn’t want to put pics up but I’ve tried different ways in which to make to council see what exactly me and my 5 year old daughter have to live in these pis are just from a small section and doesn’t even show the whole picture … I didn’t want to use social media in order to get a result but feel that maybe the more Barnet homes are shamed maybe just maybe they might do something …. This isn’t just a health hazard now but a safety hazard as my floor is not being supported and my floor is now literally caving in …. If anyone knows any way or anyone who can help please coz I’m at a point now where I just don’t know what to do apart from take my daughter and move away

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Hi Katie

I’m guessing that you have been in contact with the environmental health department of the council?  They can compel landlords (even the council) to take action for hazards. You could speak to someone at a law centre who should be able to give you some legal advice on what to do and Shelter are also very useful. There is some more information here on taking action for disrepair.

Hope that helps


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