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Stained carpet and own fence

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One of my dogs sadly died in the summer but the night before she lost a lot of blood on the bedroom carpet. I expect to have to replace this carpet, as I doubt the stains will come out, but how do I ensure the landlord doesn’t buy a higher quality carpet than was originally there. Would it be a good idea to replace it myself?

My other question concerns the fence. When I agreed to take the bungalow, there was no fence between the garage and the building. Because I have dogs, it was agreed that I could have a fence put up which I did. What I want to know is what to do about this fence. If I leave it there, can he charge me to have it taken down even though he will do it himself? Should I ask if he wants it left there? If so, should I ask for money?

I have been here 2 1/2 years.

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Hi Margaret

I’m sorry to hear about your dog, that’s very sad. 

You could replace the carpet yourself as long as you replace it with a carpet of the same quality. It doesn’t have to be the same carpet but you basically need to leave the property in the condition that you arrived (less some wear and tear). Or you can obtain quotes for this and then if the landlord tries to overcharge you for it you can show them the quotes. Your deposit should be protected with a tenancy deposit protection scheme and if the landlord tries to make a deduction you don’t agree with then you can raise a dispute with the scheme and let them decide what’s fair. The landlord would have to provide evidence that they weren’t profiting from the damage by replacing it with a more expensive carpet and charging you for that. I’m not a lawyer but I understand that if the landlord did charge you to replace the carpet then they may not be able to charge the entire price – for example, if the carpet has been there 10 years they could only charge you a proportion of the cost – someone at Citizens Advice may be able to help you further with that.

As long as you have proof of the landlord’s permission to put up the fence then there’s no reason why you should take it down. Unless they said ‘yes you can put it up but on condition that you remove it when you leave.’ Asking for money is difficult as the landlord could then turn around and claim they didn’t give you permission (unless you have written proof of that) but in theory you’ve upgraded their property by the value of the fence. Depending on how well you get on with your landlord (and as long as you have that proof of permission) you could suggest setting off the cost of the fence against the cost of the new carpet? You’d have to judge whether that would work.


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