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We have just been to look at a property which we really like. The landlord has told us what he will and will not allow in the house but has said we can do what we want with the garden. The problem is, there is a huge mess in the back garden – scaffolding, planks, long grass and rubbish. I don’t want to be responsible to clear all of this mess but am worried if I make a fuss then he won’t let us have the property. What should i do – it is a safety hazard.


Hi, thanks for your posting your question in our forum. We hope you get this in time!

Don’t be pressured into signing the tenancy agreement if you are unhappy with this arrangement.

If you are adamant that you want this cleared by the landlord, then ask for this to be put in writing or added to the tenancy agreement. Read this document thoroughly – there will be a clause related to who is responsible for the upkeep of the garden and it will most certainly be you. If you do not get this in writing, your landlord is under no obligation to tidy the mess even if s/he said it would be done.

If s/he does not agree to do this, then you need to decide how badly you want the property. You could always negotiate a reduction in rent for the first few months of the tenancy for agreeing to sort the garden!

Good luck and let us know your decision!


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