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Stolen Items from HA Staff

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I have recently been evicted from my property due to unpaid rent. I was set to move the day before the bailiffs came and the removal firm did not show. I informed the bailiff in the morning who said that the eviction would still go a head (even tho I had arranged another removal firm for that day). I was told that my property would be safe and could arrange another day to remove my belongings. When I came to remove them items had been stolen eg TV, stereo and other things. This was done by a member of their staff as there was no forced entry an the locks had been changed. I feel like the housing officer is trying to brush it under the carpet. Are they responsible for the items I was going to collect?  A guesstimate for the items is around £1500. Any advise?

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I’m not a lawyer but as far as I know theft is theft. I’m a bit confused as to where the items were held though – not in the property? Were they at the bailiff’s property?

Unless you told them they could have the items then they’ve taken them illegally. Your response to that would be to report it to the police. It might be worth saying to the bailiff firm that this is the course of action you’re going to take and give them 24 hrs to return the stolen items. You’ll probably need to be able to prove what they were storing for you, can you do that?

What a crappy thing to do to someone, I’m sorry.



Hi Alex

the items were being left in the property and the housing association were aware and informed me that my stuff would be safe. They have torn open boxes and draws on units. Not only have they taken items of value but items of my partners who died 5 years ago. The housing officer isn’t taking any responsibility for it. Stuff has been strewn around. They’ve even taken 2 coats. Even if they were instructed to clear the property they could see it was being sorted as it was packed ready to go. The removal men didn’t turn up to move me the day before and therefore on the Monday I spoke to the bailiffs and someone from the housing who said I would get a call from the housin officer to come and collect my property. Luckily another member of their staff confirmed that items were missing. But still they’re not taking it seriously!?

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