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Stress Free Agency, is this a legit agency? Is this whole thing legal?

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Hi! We are a couple and we’ve rented a room in SE3 (London) through Stress Free Agency. 

We had a few troubles with them before moving in (it took them more than a week to send us the tenancy agreement). 

Finally, we moved today (9th July 2017). This morning, before arriving at the new house, one guy from the agency phoned me to to tell us that we will have to spend the night in a hotel (or in other room of the house) because there was a couple from Norway living in our room, they were supossed to leave today but they missed their flight so they’ll leave tomorrow. We asked him to move that couple to other room or to the hotel as we can’t wait to move (we’ve got plenty of stuff, we already hired the van and we work tomorrow). He said the couple can’t move to other room because they hadn’t packed yet (weren’t they supossed to go back to Norway today? Didn’t they miss their flight?). We finally arrive to the house, and the agent offers us again the hotel or other room. Again, we say no, as we are already paying for the room (and we didn’t choose the removal date, the agency did, so the room should be ready). We’ve been waiting in the living room for more than an hour as the couple was sleeping and couldn’t sort it out. During this waiting time, we decide to check out the house and here’s a list of the problems we found out in an hour waiting:

1. In a 6 bedroom house there’s only one fridge. The agent says that the second fridge is on its way (shouldn’t it be already here?). 

2. On the second floor there’s a small room which was supposed to be a second kitchen (that’s what we were told when we saw the room). No kitchen yet. It doesn’t even look like is gonna be there. 

3. The bathroom of the second floor (our future bathroom) is not ready yet. Still working on it. 

4. Where’s the dinning table that we were told we will have?.

More than an hour and a half later, the agent says that he is moving the couple to other room as they are leaving tomorrow. It turns out that is NOT a couple, it’s a family with four children. Apparently, they are the agent’s cousins; and, officially they are not living here – we asked the agent who’s living in the house and he said ‘one guy on the ground floor and one girl on the top floor’ (we haven’t seen them yet, guess they’re at work, as we just met the family). 

Well, of course, our room is not ready yet. When we did the view more than two weeks ago, we agreed that we will have two three doors wardrobes. We are now in the room waiting for the agent (who has gone to Ikea to pick up the wardrobes). Not only the wardrobes are missing, also the desk and we just noticed that someone has peed on the mattress (and it’s recent, as it’s still wet and stinks. We guess one of the kids has been sleeping here). 

The whole thing looks weird. The agency’s website doesn’t work. They always take too long to answer any call, email or messages. We don’t know if there’s any specific legislation for kids in shared houses; even if they say that they are leaving tomorrow, it just doesn’t look like they will… This doesn’t seem like the right environment for children, and we think that we should’ve been told that there were kids here. Also, why are they here if they are not officially tenants? It seems that this guy is illegally making a favour to his family letting them stay in a renting house of the agency. 

How should we react? Is this agency legit? Can we get a refund if the whole house is not as it was supposed to be? They didn’t even installed the TV cable yet… 

What are our rights here? 

Well, here we are: waiting in the room for the agent to bring the wardrobes, smelling pee, with kids crying downstairs… 

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