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Strung along by landlord?

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Around two years ago our rented home fell into dissrepair, we had a flood, the plumber ripped up the lino and left it ripped up, bath panels were broken and left broken, damp was all in the walls, a wooden valance from under the shower was left in the middle of the bathroom with very large nails sticking out of it (I have two small children and can only describe the situation as both dangerous and unhealthy), the house alkso has other issues, kitchen tiles falling off the walls, windows unable to be opened, all the fire prevention tools are ten years or more out of date, damp in almost every room, basically the whole house is literally falling apart.

Two years ago our landlord said he would be taking care of everything, so we waited and paid our rent on time, every time. He asked us to list all the problems in the property, told us there would be a new kitchen, redecorated from top to bottom, windows fixed, basically a complete makeover. There would be a slight rent increase wich we were happy to pay, we were actually extremely happy about all this as we felt we wewre living in what could only be described as a dive and it really was effecting our wellbeing.

4 months ago the builders turned up to give the landlord a quote for all the work, alarm bells started to ring though,  the landlord had let his wife deal with everything and she was talking about and I quote ”ripping everything out” and putting in integrated units even though I had just bought a brand new washer dryer and we have our own fridge etc etc. The way she was talking was as if no one actually lived here.

Then a couple of months after that she told us we have to leave, on the 3rd of January, she was quite nasty to my partner and spoke to her with complete thoughtlessness, however she never gave us a section 21. It wasnt until last week when we realised we needed one and asked for it that she gave us one, but the issue date on the letter and the eviction date is less than 2 months.

We might not be able to move on the 3rd of January, we might have to stay until the following week end. We have been informed by our new landlord (our official landlords wife) that the builders will be ”ripping everything out”  on the third of January.

I really feel like we have been lied to over the past two years in order to get money from us, they knew they would be evicting us in January months ago but didnt tell us so as to maximise their rent from us, we have been here six years and have paid around 50,000 pounds in cash to these people all of which went to pat their cleaners, again by cash, we have never missed a beat with the rent. Their plan is to turn the place into a holiday let.

So, if we are unable to leave on the 3rd of january, what can they do? And more to the point, what can we do to stop them putting my family and me on the street?

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“but the issue date on the letter and the eviction date is less than 2 months.” – NOT VALID – you can get nasty yourself and wait out a month before letting them know, or just tell them now. 

Also, keep in mind that the end date in a Section 21 notice doesn’t mean you are EVICTED. Real eviction begins after this two month notice, so there is an additional 2 – 6 weeks of time, before the bailiffs come knocking. 

Keep in mind that if the landlord obtains a possession order from the court, there will be a CCJ in your name and it will be visible in your credit check. 

You can also not provide access to the builders, IF they are going to “rip everything out” while you continue living there. Although, it is an infringement of the tenancy agreement, you may also change the locks. It’ probably coming right out of your deposit money, but it will give you a peace of mind, and a working kitchen, while you’re there.

You’re obviously getting evicted sooner or later, so no need to worry about your landlord’s feelings right now.

Here are two articles that might interest you:


Thank you for getting back to me. We discussed with our land lord the issues with the old eviction notice all by text, our land lord said he would get an official one which he did, his son delivered it by hand tonight, it was back dated and signed 3rd Octobre, he got it from Jackson Stops & Staff and has confirmed this via text.

We also told him via text that the 4th of January was impossible for us and the 7th of January would be the earliest we could move, he still dated the Form 6A the 4th of January.


Also you mentioned deposits, I have checked all three schemes and our money isnt in any of them. 


Also, does the eviction date need to be the same day the rent is due?


I have had another read through this section 21 and he has put the wrong address on it, he has called our home by a completley different name, I have checked the addresses in the area and the address he used doesnt exist!!

Is there a reason why he wont give us a valid section 21?

We called the council and they wont accept it, its not valid.



So we eventually got a legal section 21, the date is now 25th (rent day) of February. It looks like we wont be moving out in January afterall. Well, we will but we also plan to keep this place on as well.

Thank you for all your help.

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