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Student flat and bedroom inspections

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Hi, I am a student living in halls for my first year and we have been told that we will have flat inspections every month. It is the only accommodation at my uni that is inspected at all, and the only other person I know that gets inspected only gets their kitchen done. 

Our inspection includes the kitchen and hall which I do not mind, but also includes our bedroom. I feel it is an unfair invasion of our personal space to be done every month especially as they have seen no cause for concern. I am also worried about the caretakers and staff entering my room when I’m not there without permission. It just makes me feel very uneasy.

I understand that students can be messy, I myself and very tidy so that is not why I am worried, but I don’t think that is a fair excuse to invade our privacy. I have been told the company is also very picky so they can charge us £8 for a cleaner to even just hoover the floor.

What do you think of this? Is this unfair? And what can I do about it?


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Hello Josie, 

I know how you feel. Privacy is often disregarded when renting. However, the landlord / agent typically has a right to do inspections provided they give you a proper notice and visit at reasonable times of the day.

As a tenant, you can say no. The law provides you the right of “quiet enjoyment” which means exclusive occupation of your property. You can shut the door and not let anyone in – this is your right. However, that right is usually reserved for more severe cases, like people coming in and out of your property without your presence, etc. If you unreasonably deny access, you may cause a lot of unnecessary stress on yourself as you deal with the landlord / agent. 

If the landlord / agent is ready to schedule these appointments at times best fit for you, it’s going to be best to stomach it and cooperate. I’m almost sure they are not going to come around every month.  

Check this link as well:

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