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Student in Homestay: How to calculate Carpet Damage?

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My friend’s daughter, age 17, is now staying in a Homestay for her study for 1 year, finishing this June.  My friend was asked by the host this month to pay compensation for replacing the fitted bathroom carpet, newly installed last year, because her daughter has been using a bathroom bag every time she bathed that dripped water on the carpet causing stains on the carpet.  She’s been asked not to do so for a few times and stopped doing so for a while.  The sudden clain of GBP450 is quite a shock and for a family choosing state college, is quite a burden.  The host claim they already sought professonal cleaning advice that the stains cannot be removed.  Although we  thought this not very reasonable since the carpet can still be used but would like to seek unbiased justification on whether the claim for replacement is valid or how to come up with a reasonable compensation.  So far the GBP450 costs and the advice from professional cleaner are just hearsay.  Thanks for any help.

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