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Subletting from an agency who rent from the owner, please help!

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I have already posted recently about my letting agency but thought I would write another post asking the specific question:

Is there any way to get the owner of the property’s information from the agency (who claim to be my landlord)?

I know the law that I am legally allowed to ask for landlord contact details, and when I quoted this to them, the declared that, as stated in my tenancy agreement, they are my landlord.

This is under-handed and sneaky and I was wondering if I am legally allowed to demand the owner’s details.

Please help as this letting agency is very difficult to deal with and an impartial contractor they use has informed me that they are lying to the owner of my rented house. I need to speak to him ASAP. Thanks.

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Hi go to and apply for a copy off the title register that will have the legal owner and address on it hope it helps


The actual owner of the property may be blissfully unaware that their property is being sublet, so as Lorraine says, check with the land registry and find out who actually owns the place asap.


in the agreement you should have received a section 48 notice giving the landlords details, without this rent cannot be collected legally.


Hi there. I do have the landlord details, as the letting agency are claiming they are my landlord, as they have taken tenancy of the property due to the Guaranteed Rental Agreement they have with the owner of the property. Their office address is listed as the landlord contact details.


Hi there. Thanks for your reply but on a day when I was in work my partner actually met the owner of the property once. He came to inspect the garage as the door had broken. Unfortunately, my partner didn’t think to get his name, address or telephone number. The owner said he would return the following day to fix the door and I planned to get his details then, but he didn’t show up. He clearly knows we are living here and paying rent.

He’s in a guaranteed rental agreement with the letting agency. This means that he receives rent on a monthly basis from the letting agency. They then get the rent from us. They pay the owner regardless of whether or not we pay them. In essence, they are the head tenant for the property, and we are subletting it from the agency. I will, however, be spending the £3 on finding out how the landlord is. I was hoping for a free way to do it but there seems to be no other option.

Thanks for your response anyway.


Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for this. I was already aware of the land registry option but appreciate the help. I was just looking to see if there was a free way to get the details. Unfortunately it seems £3 is a necessary cost to deal with this situation.

All the best.

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