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Subletting laws

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Hi, I would like to know about subletting, somebody is subletting a a room to me,  she isn’t the landlord,  and she has decided to increase my rent unfairly due to newly born son,  I can clearly see she’s taking advantage of my vulnerability to increase my rent. I have agreed to pay half of what she’s asking but she remain stubborn on my offer. But now she’s saying she will sent me an eviction notice,  when I moved into the property three years ago in 2012 she only gave me a small paper in hand writing. I am thinking of not paying her soon after the eviction notice. Pleasee if anyone could gave advise on what I should do?  Many thanks indeed 

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Hi Yashji

Subletting means that although she isn’t the landlord of the property, she is your landlord as you’re subletting from her. It really depends on what kind of rights the handwritten paper (tenancy?) gives you and what it requires of you. If you were a normal tenant then you would have a certain degree of protection from rent increase and protection from eviction but this is often not the case for a subtenant. As a normal tenant you’d also be contractually obliged to pay rent up to a certain time but that may not be the case for you – depending on what your paper says. There’s some info here on subletting and we might be able to help more if you tell us what the paper says.


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