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subletting with permission and benefits.

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I’m going to be renting a 2 bedroom house, the landlord will actually be my dad and he said I will be fine to share it with someone else.

I have someone in mind but they are currently unemployed. Will I be OK to sublet the spare room to someone even if they are receiving benefits? And Would I need to register for this.
What kind of agreement would they need. Would it have to be from me (as it would be me they pay to rent out) or would I need something from my landlord (dad)

Also I will be providing a furnished room as well as internet and include cleaning/washing etc.
Can I add this to the basic rent and charge it as one rate, or would husing benefit need a breakdown etc?



Hi Michelle

In terms of the subletting, it’s a good idea for the subtenant that there is an agreement so they have proof that they have the right to be there. You can google and find a very basic one online or you can just set the terms out in writing somewhere – the agreement would need to be with you. If the agreement is with your dad then the other person is a tenant rather than a subtenant. I think the decision about whether to sublet to someone on benefits is a personal one.

I would imagine you could just add it to the basic rent charge but perhaps ask the person in question to find out what is required from the benefits people just to be sure.


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