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Sue after deposit return

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After moving out and agreeing a final deposit amount which was returned is a landlord allowed to take further action?

we agreed to the deductions he has made with regards to painting costs and stain removal from carpets but my old landlord is so unhinged. One minute we are being extremely amicable and the next he asks us to stop communicating directly and get lawyers involved. He has set up the deductions which we have accepted (it is less than the total deposit amount) but it just scares me that he may be able to take us on once this is all over.

is that a possibility even after everything has been agreed and processed (the deposit it in a protection scheme)

thanks for any help


Hi Stefan

No. It’s highly unlikely your landlord would be able to take any further action. The only action he can take would be based on damage you have caused to the property and that has already been raised – and you’ve paid for it with the deductions. After that point he would have to prove to the courts that he had suffered loss in addition to that damage and that he needed to be compensated for that loss and I don’t see how he would be able to do that after the conversation about damage has been concluded. If he raised new damage that he would found it would be almost impossible to prove that this had been caused before you moved out if it wasn’t mentioned in the deposit deductions. Most likely, he would be penalised by the courts for wasting their time.

If you have the deposit back then I would send a short response to him asking him to stop harassing you. I’m not a lawyer but I would imagine threatening messages would amount to harassment if they are ongoing.


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