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Surely not?

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I’ve had a conversation with a letting agent who has told me a few things that are “law” i really dont believe them to be honest and i wont be using this agent after they messed me around royally, but im curious about what she has told me

that ‘sitting tenants’ are illegal , so i couldnt stay put even if my landlord sold the house im in as a ‘buy to let’ 

All people over the age of 18 who will be living in the house must be credit referenced checked regardless if they are paying the rent or not

and lastly i cannot rent a house without first viewing it.


Sitting tenants are very much legal and they have just the same rights with their new landlord as they had with their old one. At least until the end of the fixed term tenancy. Then, it’s up to the two parties to agree on a common vision, or split ways. 

They can check your credit, but they can’t see your loans, mortgages or credit card debts – only financial institutions have access to that and only for vetting you when you apply for a loan. 

If you sign a tenancy agreement, you become a legal renter even if you are half way across the world. 

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