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Surprises w/my landlord

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So I just moved in to this home with a 1yr lease that was to start on 1 May 2016 and end in 30 April 2017, so within weeks I received text messages from my landlord indicating that her rent was going up due to a program she had and messed things up for her, take in mind that she had informed me that she was not going to increase my rent at the time of signing the rental agreement even if she had to pay out of her pocket to complete her mortgage.  She then texts me letting me know that she is thinking of selling the house asap and doesnt know what to do, she then brought a realtor to the home so he can value it to put it on the market and would contact me 24hrs before if theres any interested buyers not to long ago she gave me a letter letting me know that she will be increasing the rent due to her situation. My only issue is that I dont mind paying more for rent but theres some electrical problems and we were informed of them when we moved in and we were ok with it since it was only affecting certain areas but not theres been some shortages and other areas in the home dont have power in the outlets.  I dont really know what to do for now I have until the end of August until my rent goes up and have about a week to give her my 30 day notice but am hoping theres something I can do to fix this, any suggestions?

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OK- several points here….

A Landlord cannot increase rent during a contract period. Simple as that. Their circumstances have nothing to do wth it, they have netered an agreement. I am sure if you asked for a rent reduction due to a change in income they would not be as accommodating!

Electrics- there are no fixed laws around electrics but there are guidelines. Ideally a Landlord should have any ‘plug in’ electricals tested every 2 years (called a PAT test) and the wired installation should be tested ideally once every 7-10 years. However, any reports of electrical issues should be investigated by a Landlord or their Agent immediately as, a failure of action, will make them wholly accountable should there be an incident.

As for selling, in the UK a Landlord/Agent can not let to a Tenant on an AST agreement for less than 6 months. You are guaranteed that as a minimal term regardless of what the tenancy agreement states otherwise. This also applies if they are selling the property- just because the property may change hands you are STILL guaranteed at least 6 months.

If matters persist I suggest you seek independent and professional legal representation, talk to your local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) or your local council (if the electrics issue persists and the Landlord refuses to address it this can be reported to Environmental Health Dept)

Hope that helps.

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