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switching agents and ending contracts?

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Hi there

I’m a tenant on a fixed term contract which I signed for a particular agency. This was unexpectedly without any forewarning sold onto a different agency afterwards which hasn’t come to my advantage.. Arrived with broken things in the flat among other issues.

I’d like to break the contract for various reasons. I know it’s difficult to get out a fixed contract, but does the fact I signed it for a different agency than the one at present make any difference? I didn’t realise they could even switch like that.

Advice is greatly appreciated 🙂


Hi, thanks for your question in our forum.

If you are having problems with the agency and there has been a change of management since signing the tenancy agreement, then the first thing you should do is check that your deposit has been protected. It is against the law for a landlord (or letting agent on their behalf) not to protect a deposit within 30 days of receiving it; you also must receive the ‘prescribed information’ within this time.

If you are having problems with the property, regardless of who your agent is, the first step is to put your request in writing. You should also have had a checking-in inventory when you moved in and check that your deposit has been protected. If you did not receive one, then see the Shelter website for tips on how to create your own. Provided that you take care of the property and return it in the same condition as it was when you moved in, then the inventory will help ensure that you get your deposit back at the end of your tenancy agreement.

It is difficult to end a fixed term tenancy agreement without a break clause, but if you can prove that the landlord has broken the conditions of the tenancy agreement, then they may be willing to release you from the contract if you can find a new tenant. Be sure to get any decisions in writing though.
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All the best.

Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.

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