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Tenancy agreement responsabilities

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I have a licence to occupy a room in a house with 3 other people. All on differnt start date contracts.

I have signed a Licence to occupy and have lived here for 18 months now.

It is owned by a private landlord.

we have recently been asked to pay for cleaning and have attempted to review my contract to see if this is somthing i should be resposible for paying for. (even thou its not been done in the time i have lived here)

The licence to occupy is fairly basic and has titles on it: property, contents, term, rent, payments, deposit, notice.

Under contents it states : The fixtures and fittings at the property together with any furniture, carpets, curtains/blinds and other effects listed in the inventory.

I then have a sepperate document that is the inventory which is signed by myself. 

There is no point in which it says all tennants must contribute to be cleaned when a tennant moves out.

Should there normally be another part to the contract indicating this type of infomation?

thanks in advance


Hi Jonathan

I think this has been answered in a separate post?


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