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Tenancy Agreement

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I’m letting a flat with my husband but I don’t want to be included on the contract. They are saying that if I pretend to live there for more than 21 days I need to send my job references and be part of the contract.

Is it mandatory by law?

Please advise me asap.


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Hi Anna

I’m not a lawyer but, as I understand it there’s no law that requires you to be on the tenancy agreement. However, the landlord does have a right to ask you to be part of the tenancy agremeent if you’re living in his/her property as part of a commercial arrangement. If you’re not mentioned on the tenancy then the landlord would struggle to get rent from you if your husband failed to pay and you wouldn’t be responsible for any damage caused to the property. However, you also have no legal right to occupy the property unless you’re on the tenancy agreement so it might be worth doing so for your own protection.

If you want more legal advice try Citizens Advice.


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