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Tenancy renewal notice

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I have let agreement that was for 6 months
On desember 12 2015 i recived a Tenancy renewal notice offering me to longer the agreement for 6 and 12 months. Or take 2 months notice.
I seleceted 12 months so according to that my agreement would expire on the 10 of February 2017
The Tenancy renewal notice was signed by me and sent back to the letting service. This was done on the 12 of desember 2015 and recived by the letting service by email the same day. Now the landloard wants to sell the property and they say that the 
Tenancy renewal notice that they send me means nothing and i only have two months notice. I have copy of all paper work and email. They admit reviving the Tenancy renewal notice but say it means nothing. I need advice and help with this

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Hi Eyjolfur,

Without seeing the signed tenancy agreement and renewal notice it is hard to definitevly comment on your case. You need to read both, very carefully, to understand what permission surround the ‘serving of notice’ (terminating a tenancy agreement).

If the terms do not set out a clause to serve notice then, you are right, you are entiteld to stay until Feb’17 unless you can reach an akternative and mutual agreement.

However, if the lease DOES allow notice then, as long as it is served in keeping wth thise terms, you have a valid gas safety certificate and your deposit is registered as long as trhey have goven 2 months notice it is valid.

If you are unsure about the wording of the agreements I suggest you take them with you to the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) and see if they can offer any guidance on this matter.

Good Luck

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