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tenancy rights

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hi i moved into an apartment private let two months ago there was two girls and we signed a lease now my boyfriend has come to live with us and the landlord wants to increase our rent by 150 pound to have him there we are already paying way above what other propertys in the building are renting for so this increase seems so unreasonable can he do this to us


Hi Sharon- the tenancy agreement permits 3 people to live at the property. Whilst you are permutted a guest to stay occasionally, having another person live at the property is a breach of contract. The rent level yu already pay is not relevant as that was a figure you agreed to pay however that was based on 3 people. It is very common for Landlords to ask for more rent for more people as there will be more wear & tear on the property which a Landlord cannot claim from a Tenant. As such, you will need to agree a sum with the Landlord or your boyfriend will need to move out.

Hope that helps

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