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Tenant & cat Vs animal fouling complaint

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I have been renting current property for 3 years. When I first looked at the property, I enquired with the estate agent would the landlord allow a tenant with a cat? It was agreed via the estate agent’s, so we moved in in 2014 with our cat.

Everything has been fine up till 2 weeks ago when I received a letter from the management company for the block of apartments & maisonettes I reside at, that a complaint has been made (don’t know who by, as it only says this has been brought to the manager’s attention by the director) ‘Animal fouling has been occurring within our block & that it has been brought to his attention I have recently acquired a cat.’

I gave the letter to the estate agent to inform the landlord & last week I received another letter from the management company, this time a copy that has been forwarded to the landlord along with 6 photos of animal faeces & stating he (the landlord) is in breach of the letting agreement & the pet must go within the next 2 weeks (by 23rd March 2017).

The cat has meaning to myself as it was my mother’s before passing away, so if the cat has to go, then so will we. But to make this matter complicated or simple (depending on whose view you look at)  Last year when signing a new contract, I requested only a 6 month contract in order to be able to give 1 month’s notice as I’m going through process of trying buy a property. Does anyone know what rights I may have in all this?  

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Hello Chris, 

Is it not possible to negotiate for the cat to stay if you just pick up after it. It’s reasonable to clean after the cat anyway, so could you not apologise and promise to not let this happen and try to wiggle out of the tight spot you’ve gotten into. 

Otherwise, even if your landlord sides with the property management company against the pet you will be in trouble. Even if you do have permission from your agent to keep the cat, this only lasts as long as the fixed term, so when these 6 months expire you may have a hard choice to make – move or rehome the cat. 


Thanks for the reply Audrey, unfortunatly I’m having trouble replying to your message. For some reason it wont post what I’m writing

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