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Tenant Check Out 'Fee'

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I recently received a letter from my letting agent dictating that they are making ‘some changes to our tenancy agreements’, and ‘we will now be charging £24 check-out fee as standard to every tenant’ …. ‘failure to comply with this will result in us automatically deducting the £24 fee from your deposit’.

Is this legal? We had no involvement in this and it just seems somewhat wrong that they can alter the terms and conditions of our contract as and when they feel like adding yet another ‘fee’ onto us.



Hi Scott

It looks like this is acceptable as long as it has been fully explained by the agent to the tenant and as long as the fees are not unreasonable – take a look at Page 10 Section 7 of this doc from the DPS. However, it does look like you can challenge the automatic deduction from the deposit if you don’t feel that it’s reasonable.



Hi Scott, completely unreasonable, you were not made aware of these charges when you signed your agreement.

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