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Tenant excluded from check out

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Hi there,

I’m moving out of the property I rent and my letting agent (Arden pm) don’t want me to be present for the check out. I asked the reason why and they simply answer that it was their policy. Is that legal? What can I do against that?

Thanks in advance



Hi Benoit

It’s not illegal for them to do that as far as I know. But it’s not very sensible – the inventory needs to be signed off by both tenant and landlord for it to be a convincing document. I normally insist on being present- remember you’ve probably paid for this service (or split the cost with the landlord) so you have a right to be a part of the process.

You could try insisting – their policy doesn’t bind your actions and they can’t enforce it against you. You could also point out that if you move out, they go in to do the inventory and suddenly there’s damage that wasn’t there when you moved out they would find it difficult to prove they didn’t do it to keep some of your deposit if they’ve excluded you from the check out process.

If all else fails just make sure you take as many date and time stamped photos of the property before you leave.


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