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Tenant of a Leasehold garage in a coach house not sure of clause please help!

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I’m a Tenant of a Leasehold garage in a coach house but own the freehold to my house across the way (not attached) . there is a clause in the tennancy agrement under

ASSIGNMENT OR SUBLETTING – Not to assign underlet or part with or share possession of any part of the property (as distinct from the whole ) in any way whatsoever.

What does this mean? Where does this leave me in terms of renting my house and garage out together – I will not be living there and planning on using esate agents. 

Many thanks in advance


Hi Lee

So you rent the garage and own the house? If that’s the case then you could ask the landlord of the garage for permission to sublet the garage. Get it in writing so that you have proof of agreement. If the landlord refuses then you would need to rent out only what you own or risk the landlord giving you notice on the garage under the tenancy agreement.


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