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Tenant requests

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Hello again,
I’m contemplating asking my landlord in the new year about having a shower installed. At present we only have a bath with a hand held shower attachment, which I had to pay for!
As far as I am aware, because this is a ground floor flat and the tank is not up high enough, we would require a ‘power shower’.
There is only myself and my teenage son living here, but not having the benefits of a shower is a nuisance to say the least, especially in the mornings.
So, firstly, do you think my request would be unreasonable, and secondly, knowing my landlord as I do, I have the distinct feeling he may well say, ‘No!’ or, ‘If you pay for it, then I’ll fit it for you’. In the event that it may be the latter reply, would that be reasonable?
To be honest, the whole flat needs modernizing. My grown up children who visit get so annoyed when they see the work that my landlord should be doing to update it, and, I have to agree, they ARE right.
Many thanks,

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Hi Sheila

Given the previous problems you have had with your landlord I think you are probably right in that he will not pay for a new shower. In terms of you buying it and him fitting it, is he a qualified plumber?

Do we consider that your request for a new shower is unreasonable? No. Do we think that it would be reasonable for him to fit a shower that you purchased? Only if he knows how and is qualified to do the work.

In any event, you have nothing to lose by asking the landlord to provide the shower.

In your circumstances it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for a new home. You have been living in sub standard conditions for 5 years with a landlord who clearly does not want to spend money on the property or make improvements to it. It may be that you like the area in which you live but imagine how much better it would be not to have all of the problems. You also don’t have anything to lose by checking out your local letting agents to see what they have on offer.


Hi Sheila, which area of the UK do you live in?

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