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Tenants are not permitted to change the Utility provider

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I’m renting a flat in a Barratts Developement where they have a 25 years contract with E.ON to provide heating to the flat. This contract is between Barratts and E.ON, nothing to do with me. I pay all my utility bills the utilities, including electricity and heating. However, one of the clauses in my tenancy agreement is “The Tenants are not permitted to change the Utility provider from EON Energy”. My question is, is this legal? Recently, I’ve been reviewing my energy bills and I ask for a quote with different energy providers and everyone is cheaper. There was this particular one which was almost half of the price. E.On increased the daily heating rate from 57p to 84p and I just found this when I call them the other, they didn’t notify me at all.


Hi J,

As I understand it, there is a heating charge for your apartment and you then have separate electricity and gas (if applicable) for lighting, cooking, appliances, etc.

Whilst I do not beleive you can change the heating charge (as a single bill is usually paid for the whole building/development and your meter just allocates your use within that single-supplier account) you should have complete free choice for your elec & gas supply. You can make some huge savings so I would pursue this matter further.

Whilst I have come across Landlords trying to do this, which they usually can’t, I have not come across a developer dictating this. I would maybe contact the developer and enquire for clarification on this restriction. I would also recommend talking to neighbours- as I doubt anyone else is happy about this. Maybe put up a notice in the lobby or pop a flyer in the mail boxes.

Hope this helps. Good Luck and let us know how you get on?

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