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tenant's responsibilities

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I moved in a flat one month ago. There was no cooker and I was happy to buy my own cooker. The agent said that the landlord is going to pay to install it, because he knows someone and the hob has to be installed as well. The cooker came. One week later the electrician came to have a look. He said that we have to replace the cooker with a lower consumption one, because if we use the heaters and the shower (which is an electric one) at the same time with the cooker it is possible the fuse from the main panel on the stair’s case to jump which means problems with the electrical company supplier! Then the electrician changed his mind and he said there is a possibility to keep the cooker and replace the cooker cable in the attic, but he has to talk to the landlord, because there is going to be a small decoration above the hob. One week later, the agent sent me a message to ask me if I replaced the cooker. I told him I didn’t even try, because I was waiting to get an answer to know if the landlord agrees to change the cable or not. One week later, the electrician sent me a message and he told me the materials cost is £105 and labour £100, which looks like they expect me to pay. Who is supposed to pay for this? Apart from the cooker issue, the heaters don’t work and I don’t have hot water. They said a plumber is going to come to have a look. I hope they don’t ask me to pay the plumber as well. Who’s responsibilities are these? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Hi Alice

The first place to start is with your tenancy agreement – what does it say is included in the cost of the rent? If it mentions heating/heaters then this is the landlord’s responsibility, if not then it’s yours. If there is supposed to be a cooker there then the cost should be the landlord. Was anything put in writing about installing the cooker? If so then that’s your proof. If not then it will be difficult to get the landlord to bear the cost unless the tenancy requires them to.

Regardless of what the tenancy says, the landlord has to provide you with hot water so that cost remains theirs – see this article.

I think you should put in writing what is happening, what you need the landlord to do and give them a time within which to do it.



Thank you, Alex, for your answer. As you said, he’s going to pay the plumber. I pay for the cooker. It’s nothing mentioned about the cooker. We just talked about it. Next time I’ll be careful. 🙂

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